It gets worse before it gets better


Starting a new therapy program sucks. It’s been two weeks and I’m completely overwhelmed- there is so much to learn and so much to do. I’ve committed to a year long DBT program and I’m going to stick it out, but I’m also going to complain about it.

I’ve been told that it gets worse before it gets better almost too many times over the past few weeks, so I can’t say that it’s blindsided me. I just didn’t expect the “worse” to come so quickly. I don’t even know how to write what’s going on, and when I started writing this I thought it would be easy to complain about how much my life feels like it sucks right now. Complaining is one of my few talents, as you should all know by now, and it’s odd for me to not be able to tap into that talent at will. (See she even complains about not being able to complain properly).

I know that my life is not the worst life to have, and I actually have things pretty easy as far as life actually goes, but that doesn’t stop my brain from going a little haywire sometimes. When I challenge the unhelpful behaviours and try to change them my brain kicks back hardcore. So while my brain kicks me in the face I’m going to lay low, practice self care, and learn how to cope with all the changes coming my way.

Mental health issues suck, and I am definitely having a pity party. It’s gotten worse, but according to the saying- that means it’s going to get better.


One thought on “It gets worse before it gets better

  1. Bummer it does suck so I hope above all the is is correct what you have been told it gets worse but then better so long as the better comes it will be worth it wish I could help xxxxxx


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