I’m scared a lot of the time, I’m scared of doing things, going places, and meeting people. I’m scared of change. And I’m scared that this is it, that this is the best my mental health is ever going to be. It’s easy to look at all the negatives, but doing that all the time would make me want to just give up and become a hermit, who does nothing but eat and sleep all day. There are negatives in my life (sometimes it feels like an overwhelming amount of negative things), and I’ll get back to dealing with them later – for now I’m going to talk about some of the positive things happening in my life right now, because they deserve to get some spotlight.

  • I have family and friends who love me- we don’t always agree, we don’t always talk, but I know that they are all there for me should I need them and I am always going to be here for them.
  • I have a house to live in that is comfortable, functional, and full of things that bring me comfort.
  • I am in a great relationship with someone I love.
  • I have two gorgeous pups who always make me smile.
  • I have access to the medications I need to keep my brain working the best it can right now.
  • I have access to medical attention should I need it.
  • I have food in my fridge and pantry, and running water in my taps.
  • I can write and read.
  • I have access to technology.
  • I just got the best new bed (thanks Marlo and Tony!).
  • My body works, and does all the things a body should do.

The point of this was to prove to myself that even though there are things that scare me, or make me feel down and sad, there are a lot of things I have to feel so greatful for.

I’m going to go cuddle my dogs, listen to some new music, and get ready to go out. Today life is okay, today I am choosing to think about the positives.



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