Saying goodbye to Trixie and hello to Scout. 

Anyone that knows me knows that dogs are one my favourite things on the planet. I want to adopt literally every dog I see. This last week has had a major down and a major up to do with my pups. 

To start off I had to find Trixie (my gorgeous cuddly huge dog) a new home because the real estate said no to a big dog. It was hard to say goodbye, it was hard to think that I would be going back to a one dog house. We found her a home with a lovely couple who live on acreage and two other dogs her size. I miss her like crazy, but thinking of her having all that room to run makes me so happy for her, and I truly think it was the right choice for her and her life is going to be 10/10. 

Another reason that I know it was the right choice was that my little chihuahua Spencer never got used to living with the big butt head. Trixie has a heart of absolute gold, but played just a little too rough for spencer to ever get used to her. He lost weight from stress while she was here (almost a kilo, which is a lot for a dog that only weighs 4 kilos). Spencer has calmed down since she’s been gone, and is back to his happy pre big dog self. 

After Trixie left, I was feeling down and sorry for myself and started browsing gumtree. I found some gorgeous chihuahua x mini foxie puppies. Just the right size for spencer (he always loves playing with other dogs closer to his size), and so so adorable- I couldn’t say no. Sunday we made the drive to the Gold Coast and picked up the little angel (pictured above) and have named him Scout. Spencer and him are already playing, and so relaxed around eachother. 

I still miss Trixie, I love and always will love her. She just wasn’t right for us right now, and even though it sucks so much, both her and Spencer are going to be better off, able to live the lives they both deserve. 

I wanted to wait until I could explain the situation to introduce you all to the new pooch in the Rose-Haworth family. Now that I have, there will be never ending photos, so get excited! 


One thought on “Saying goodbye to Trixie and hello to Scout. 

  1. They are beautiful dogs and Trixie will love all the space to run and play with dogs her own size best thing for her and for Spencer to have a playmate around the same sizexxxx


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